Dear Maria, Margot and all the staff at SHS,
I just wanted to say Thank You for the card and for all the wonderful caregivers you sent to my mom and my dad through the years.

I can't tell you what a difference it meant in their lives - and myself.

I could always go out without worry, knowing they were in such capable and caring hands.   For that I will always be grateful - thank you!


A Note from Nancy

— Nancy

Thank you for your flexibility in helping with this rather difficult task at times being the sole caregiver for my mother.

The SHS program has been so helpful, and it has been such a weight lifted just to know that there is someone else who could be here for Mom if I could not. That has been a major stress in the past few years. I know scheduling is a challenging task and I appreciate your flexibility

— Deb

My twice weekly scheduled visits with Seniors Helping Seniors started about ten months ago after my daughter, who is well known in the area, suggested that I might enjoy getting out and about around town. I live independently and no longer drive, so our local lunches out together is a welcome pleasure for me. If groceries or other errands are needed, Seniors drives me there too. I very much look forward to our social visits and conversations now and — I’m so grateful for the careful and thoughtful attention given to me by Seniors Helping Seniors. It's a good feeling to have.
C.L., Mystic

— C.L., client, Mystic

My goal to remain healthy and as active as possible in my own home is more like a partnership now with Seniors Helping Seniors since I have 24/7 coverage. The flexibility and different personalities of my Seniors team creates interesting experiences in my comfortable well-run household. I value their timely reminders as we make lists, shop, run errands, respond to emails, and fulfill appointments. Seniors coordinates my daily activities and routines into a productive interactive schedule that I oversee, thus allowing time for completing crossword puzzles, enjoying a good game of scrabble and having friends drop in. I welcome the Seniors’ attention to details, their prompting, and cooperative spirit on my behalf.
R.L., Mystic

— R.L., Mystic

I live in a senior living community where levels of continuous care, meals and activities are provided. This meets my current needs, however I enjoy participating in all family/holiday celebrations and gift giving milestones that takes a personal hands-on approach. It is then that I call Seniors Helping Seniors who provide the transportation and quality assistance in helping me complete my ‘to do’ list. Simply put, I’m grateful for Seniors’ kind interactive spirit, local knowledge and their ability to utilize a handicap sticker and car cane while fulfilling my needs and enhancing my days socially.
A.W., Mystic

— A.W., Mystic

My dad was a career military man so its known that he likes his routines and affairs orderly and on time. Seniors Helping Seniors arrive at our home early and starts his day with a good breakfast and friendly uplifting conversation … he says that each day feels like family have come to visit. As for me, Seniors Helping Seniors has changed my life! The folks who come here are outstanding. What a gift to have peace of mind when I go off to work. I cannot thank our Seniors team enough for all of the extras they help us with – we are very grateful to welcome Seniors each day.

N.P., Old Lyme

— N.P. Old Lyme

In-home visits from Seniors Helping Seniors enable me to live independently within my own apartment in an active senior community. With their scheduled support I now have the freedom to enjoy my day as desired. My Seniors team is dependable and willingly undertakes whatever task they are asked to do. It is especially helpful to receive reminders for scheduled community activities so that events are attended and enjoyed (not missed) as well as planning evening dining and social options. Utilizing Seniors Helping Seniors has worked well for me and I appreciate their kindly assistance.
A.V.R., Mystic

— A.V. from Mystic

Excellent service

— Thomas Dodd

I so hoped that I could count on SENIORS HELPING SENIORS for support during the Covid-19 pandemic. It seemed the world had stopped with the Coronavirus, but when I called the SENIORS office for transportation, they reaffirmed ‘that they were willing and able to assist me.’ At the time, there were so many global unknowns... the thought of even going into a hospital (for a needed test) was very overwhelming and frightening. Before SENIORS arrived at my scheduled time, their protocols mandated that my pleasant and prompt driver had a fever check, face mask on, gloves available, etc. It was such a comfort and relief during uncertain times to have a SENIOR so prepared and helpful ... a ‘real Angel’ to my rescue. I praise SENIORS (as does my grateful husband) for having become a partner in my health and safety. Thank you for being there for us when times are so challenging.

— Sharon B.

I live independently in my own home; I have also had a few lifestyle changes including joint replacements so personal in-home care support was explored. Seniors Helping Seniors was contacted and a plan was quickly put in place for a few days a week. My dependable and friendly Senior provides transportation to scheduled appointments as well as taking care of other household errands. I’m very fortunate also that she enjoys cooking so we’ll often grocery shop together for her recipe ingredients … and now I indulge in the most delicious (and nutritious) meals right in my own home!

— C.B., Client

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