Seniors Helping Seniors is an amazing place to work....It has been my pleasure to have worked here for the past 10 years....Working with our providers and clients has been the most rewarding experience for me in my whole career. The work environment is a team effort where everyone counts and is respected. The rewards are many and the consideration of each other is what makes Seniors Helping Seniors the great place it is...

— Peg Girard

I still enjoy driving myself, however I’ve become somewhat hesitant about city-driving. In seeking an alternative,  Seniors Helping Seniors was my chosen option when I was in need of a driver for a medical appointment. Seniors sent a friendly, reliable companion who was willing to drive my car while also managing directions and parking, as well as accompanying me thru the hospital maze. Calling Seniors whenever companion transportation is necessary has proven to be easy and efficient. I also appreciate receiving a monthly bill rather than worrying about per ride payments.

— Elizabeth G., Stonington

Dear Maria,
We have been so pleased with any helpers we have had with Seniors Helping Seniors.

We have moved on to a different life right now but who knows - I might need you myself sometime - but I hope not too soon!

Thank you.
Barbara, from Mystic CT

— Barbara W., Mystic

Having recently fallen and broken my wrist I found myself somewhat immobilized. A call to Seniors Helping Seniors provided just what I needed … a few hours of assistance with personal care and daily chores within my own home … it was like having a friend drop in for a visit (not at all intrusive). My recuperation is on target thanks to Seniors Helping Seniors; however I admit that I’ll miss their helpful company but know that I can call them again whenever I may need ‘a helping hand.’

— Barbara A., Groton

My spouse resides in a health facility (having moved from memory care to skilled nursing) while I live nearby in my apartment. With Seniors Helping Seniors involvement he is now safe and well cared for 24 hours everyday. My husband enjoys the men and women companions who come from SHS (as I do also when I visit daily); the kindness and care tailored to his needs is exemplary. When needing assistance, there is nothing better than being assisted by another senior (from SHS) who anticipates your needs and relates to your circumstances.

— Susan H., Mystic, CT

When my mother's health deteriorated to the point she needed 24/7 care my sister, brother and I turned to Seniors Helping Seniors for help. My siblings live in different states and I was unable to take time away from work to care for our mother. Seniors Helping Seniors provided the support our mother needed in a most professional and compassionate way. The caregivers became more of her friends than just caregivers. We are forever thankful to Seniors Helping Seniors for the care they provided when our mother needed it most.

— Craig K., Noank, CT

My husband was in the military (sea duty) for many years. We had six children and it necessitated me being very independent. Well into my eighties and living alone, I decided to join an adult community. This proved to be a great move since I was no longer driving but still wanted to be independent yet have some fun. Now I enjoy more activities with my apartment companions and ‘friends’ from Seniors Helping Seniors. Keeping involved with Seniors supports transportation to doctor appointments or clothes shopping, trips to the beauty parlor, opportunities to eat out, and the enjoyment of companionship. If you want to remain independent as I do, you should call Seniors and let them assist you too.

— Daisy J., Groton, CT

Thank you for everything you have done to help my parents. I know they are safer and healthier because of your companions. They really care about my family.

— Gail S.

We are absolutely thrilled with Seniors! The aides are so caring and helpful and we couldn't ask for anything better. The aides have gone above and beyond to help my mother - even taking laundry home when she was without her washer! Its such a relief to know they they are looking out for her. She enjoys their company and looks forward to their visits. Thank you all!

— Joan's daughter

I have been able to remain in my Mystic apartment with the attentive support of Seniors Helping Seniors. Unfortunately I’ve had to leave my apartment for several stays in Rehab; however, luckily, when facing discharge, my doctors have recognized how SHS operates and they have agreed I may return to my apartment with Seniors care. Now each month I receive a printed calendar from SHS with my daily helpers’ name and visit time(s). We coordinate schedules so that I am able to attend daily activities and facilitate my nightly routine. Thank you SHS for all you do so that I may remain right at home.

— Nancy M., Mystic

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