My husband was in the military (sea duty) for many years. We had six children and it necessitated me being very independent. Well into my eighties and living alone, I decided to join an adult community. This proved to be a great move since I was no longer driving but still wanted to be independent yet have some fun. Now I enjoy more activities with my apartment companions and ‘friends’ from Seniors Helping Seniors. Keeping involved with Seniors supports transportation to doctor appointments or clothes shopping, trips to the beauty parlor, opportunities to eat out, and the enjoyment of companionship. If you want to remain independent as I do, you should call Seniors and let them assist you too.

— Daisy J., Groton, CT

Thank you for everything you have done to help my parents. I know they are safer and healthier because of your companions. They really care about my family.

— Gail S.

We are absolutely thrilled with Seniors! The aides are so caring and helpful and we couldn't ask for anything better. The aides have gone above and beyond to help my mother - even taking laundry home when she was without her washer! Its such a relief to know they they are looking out for her. She enjoys their company and looks forward to their visits. Thank you all!

— Joan's daughter

I have been able to remain in my Mystic apartment with the attentive support of Seniors Helping Seniors. Unfortunately I’ve had to leave my apartment for several stays in Rehab; however, luckily, when facing discharge, my doctors have recognized how SHS operates and they have agreed I may return to my apartment with Seniors care. Now each month I receive a printed calendar from SHS with my daily helpers’ name and visit time(s). We coordinate schedules so that I am able to attend daily activities and facilitate my nightly routine. Thank you SHS for all you do so that I may remain right at home.

— Nancy M., Mystic

Seniors Helping Seniors has enabled Mom to stay in familiar surroundings. Daily morning help gets her breakfast, lunch, makes her bed and does some wash. Mom has really bonded with her Senior helper and often says that she doesn’t know what she’d do without her! My sisters and I truly appreciate the support that your Senior helpers provide.

— Nancy H., Groton, CT

After I downsized, had given up my license and my wife had passed, I realized that I needed some help in my apartment. I can’t remember who told me about Seniors Helping Seniors but I am very happy that they did. Russ from Seniors comes most mornings and starts me off with a good breakfast … he sees what I need, writes a list and then makes sure that I have it. On a nice day Russ might even suggest something to do outside together. I’m in my 90’s and Russ has been coming for a long time … I don’t have family close by so he feels like a ‘really good friend.’ Everybody needs a Russell but you can’t have mine!

— Charles K., Mystic

While I was in a Rehab facility I saw Seniors Helping Seniors coming in to see other residents. I am a retired military officer and my wife a retired nurse; we could see how interactive and compassionate the Seniors were and that is important to us. I searched online and called for a Senior brochure when my wife needed help and Seniors have been coming to our home six days a week ever since (but the schedule can be flexible if you have guests, etc.). Seniors Helping Seniors even works directly with our long term insurance plan. We have two small dogs that we love and Seniors also took the time to match a senior for us who enjoys walking them too -- we really lucked out.

— David P., Mystic, CT

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