My Mom was starting to have problems living by herself after she hit 92. Mystic SHS did a great job at providing her with help and companionship so she could stay in her home.

We would definitely use their services again should the need arise

Dave L, Mystic

— Dave L

We have been using Seniors Helping Seniors for over a month now to help care for an elderly friend. We are very pleased with the care he has received and very happy with the people that have been sent to help. Thank you for all you do to care for the elderly and help them to stay in their homes as long as possible.

— Brenda Santos

Recently I underwent cataract surgery for both eyes! Thank you to Seniors Helping Seniors for providing the support and transportation to my pre-op, days of surgery and post-op appointments. My Senior driver’s flexible schedule, attentiveness and friendly assistance enabled me to interpret printed instructions and complex eye medication schedules which improved my confidence. If you ever need assistance or care, contact 'Seniors' as they will happily support your efforts and manage your life’s demands as well.

— Beverly, Mystic

When viewing my monthly calendar and seeing Senior visits listed, I feel reassured that my days will work just fine. It’s always been important for me to retain independence with a flexible schedule, calls and visits from my two sons, and interacting with stopovers from resident neighbors. Knowing that I can continue to live in my own condo and enjoy all of this with ‘a little help throughout each day’ is extremely satisfying. I am most grateful for the support and the many Senior care-givers/friends that I have met.

— Agnes D., Groton, CT

"My siblings and I are grateful for the wonderful care we receive from SHS for my dad who has dementia. They are reliable, dependable, responsible and caring! Never once have we received a call saying there is car trouble and they can't come. There is also good communication from the office to the clients with monthly scheduling emails. I would highly recommended both to work there and receive care.

— Patti

I feel very fortunate to work for Seniors Helping Seniors, for many reasons. Our employer, office staff and our companions are all the friendliest and most professional people in our field. The reason we are all like this is because we get to help our very special clients everyday. It is our job to make them and their families life easier. Which makes them all smile, feel happy and well cared for. How great is that for us all!!

— Cathyann Allen

Seniors Helping Seniors is an amazing place to work....It has been my pleasure to have worked here for the past 10 years....Working with our providers and clients has been the most rewarding experience for me in my whole career. The work environment is a team effort where everyone counts and is respected. The rewards are many and the consideration of each other is what makes Seniors Helping Seniors the great place it is...

— Peg Girard

I still enjoy driving myself, however I’ve become somewhat hesitant about city-driving. In seeking an alternative,  Seniors Helping Seniors was my chosen option when I was in need of a driver for a medical appointment. Seniors sent a friendly, reliable companion who was willing to drive my car while also managing directions and parking, as well as accompanying me thru the hospital maze. Calling Seniors whenever companion transportation is necessary has proven to be easy and efficient. I also appreciate receiving a monthly bill rather than worrying about per ride payments.

— Elizabeth G., Stonington

Dear Maria,
We have been so pleased with any helpers we have had with Seniors Helping Seniors.

We have moved on to a different life right now but who knows - I might need you myself sometime - but I hope not too soon!

Thank you.
Barbara, from Mystic CT

— Barbara W., Mystic

Having recently fallen and broken my wrist I found myself somewhat immobilized. A call to Seniors Helping Seniors provided just what I needed … a few hours of assistance with personal care and daily chores within my own home … it was like having a friend drop in for a visit (not at all intrusive). My recuperation is on target thanks to Seniors Helping Seniors; however I admit that I’ll miss their helpful company but know that I can call them again whenever I may need ‘a helping hand.’

— Barbara A., Groton

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